Spring Concert '20


Music of the Spheres

Works of Mozart,
Beethoven and Gjeilo

Saturday, June 13  8:00 PM

and Sunday, June 14  4:00 PM

Elegischer Gesang  Beethoven

Sunrise Mass  Ole Gjeilo 

Requiem in D Minor  Mozart

The Taghkanic Chorale joins forces with the MidAtlantic Symphony Orchestra and renowned vocal soloists to present works that explore the depths of the human condition.

Our program opens with a tribute to Beethoven in honor of the great composers’ 250th birthday. 

Mozart’s immortal Requiem in D Minor was the composer’s last work, left incomplete at the time of his death. In this most famous of classical pieces, Mozart explores the journey of life and the contemplation of life after death in bold and visionary music that foreshadows the Romantic period.  Ola Gjeilo’s Sunrise Mass speaks in a modern musical idiom, both minimalistic and romantic.  According to the composer, “I wanted the musical development of the work to evolve from the most transparent and spacey, to something completely earthy and grounded; from nebulous and pristine to more emotional and dramatic, and eventually warm and solid—as a metaphor for human development from child to adult, or as a spiritual journey.”

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